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17 Apr

Huawei’s Drive and Ambition in Phones Push it Beyond the “Telco Gear Maker” Trap

Simon BakerProgram Director, Mobile Phones, EMEARead full bio Launching a mobile phone business from the starting point of a big international business in telecoms infrastructure has worked stunningly well for Huawei. Strong financial backing, operations in many countries, a detailed knowledge of mobile phone technology and numerous local country offices have all have been important […]

06 Dec

Improving Smartphone Durability by Reducing the Impact of Liquid Damages (Part II)

Francisco Jeronimo Research Director, European Consumer Wireless and Mobile Communications Read full bio  @fjeronimo Liquid damage is the second-largest cause of damaged smartphones. IDC estimates that nearly 900,000 smartphones are damaged by liquids every day. The impact of liquids on smartphones is estimated to be worth in excess of $96.7 billion a year.