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15 Jan

How would a ‘No Deal’ Brexit impact the UK software market?

Alexandros Stratis                            Senior Research Analyst,European Enterprise ApplicationsRead full bio With the level of uncertainty surrounding Brexit reaching new heights practically every week, predicting what the impact is going to be on the UK software market is quite challenging. Whereas a second referendum, […]

06 Apr

Strong growth ahead – Systems management software is critical for digital transformation, hybrid and multi-cloud success

Carla Arend Program Director, European Software Read full bio  @carla_arend Michael Ceroici Research Analyst, European Datacenter Group Read full bio Systems management software (SMS) is a vibrant market growing in importance. European organizations are building modern IT infrastructures to support their digital transformation initiatives, and cloud service usage is becoming mainstream and needs to be […]

15 Nov

Why Containers and Hypervisors Will Coexist…With Some Elbowing

Giorgio Nebuloni Associate Research Director European Systems and Infrastructure Solutions Read full bio  @gnebuloni Whenever I go to an industry conference on infrastructure topics (see the most recent edition of VMworld Europe), the most amazing thing happens. Nobody talks about their infrastructure products. (Okay, in frankness… ALMOST nobody). What every supplier is pushing now is […]

02 Nov

Cognitive Computing Comes to ERP

Philip Carnelley Research Director, European Software Group Read full bio  @Pcarnelley Exactly 60 years after artificial intelligence research began as a scientific discipline (according to Wikipedia) the promise of cognitive computing is suddenly being realized. Announcements of exciting, powerful new AI-driven services, like Amazon Alexa and Google’s Assistant, are coming thick and fast.