16 Jan

More Frogs on the Frying Pan for Europe: Technology and Innovation

Mark Yates     Research Manager,European Digital Transformation PracticeRead full bio Finding a crisis is Europe is almost as easy as meeting a protestor on the Champs Élysées when French labor laws are about to be changed. There are euro zone worries, migrant worries, fears of political destabilization, Brexit (and other member-state recalcitrance), a resurgent […]

25 May

GDPR 2.0: You Thought It Was All Over…

Duncan Brown Research Director, European Security Practice Read full bio  @duncanwbrown What? You thought that GDPR was over by May 25th, and you never wanted to think about it again? Sorry folks, but we’ve just had the taster. Firstly, the bad news. GDPR is not a one-time project. Many organisations have approached GDPR like a […]

15 Apr

You Must Decide What State of the Art Means to Your Organization!

Martin Whitworth Research Director, European Data Security & Privacy at IDC Read full bio  @martinwhitworth The GDPR concept of ‘state of the art’ (SotA) continues to cause confusion for many – and I’m afraid that even though SotA is used throughout the GDPR (and the Network and Information Security directive), nowhere is it defined – […]

05 Mar

Why is Sound Recognition a Key Strategic Technology for Artificial Intelligence

Francisco Jeronimo Research Director, European Consumer Wireless and Mobile Communications Read full bio  @fjeronimo The adoption of smart home devices is expanding steadily. Consumers are starting to understand the benefits of using smart speakers to play music or ask trivia questions, to use connected cameras to monitor their homes, or smart heating and smart lightning […]