Silvia Piai (Research Director, Health Insights)

The quest for delivering value to patients is at the heart of the tremendous amount of reform and innovation that health systems across Europe are experiencing. Value in health is defined by the quality of clinical outcomes, the patient experience and by the economic sustainability of the system. Many organizations operating in the health space whether provider, payer, research and life science companies, in the past few years has seen an incredible amount of change in the way they work to deliver value to patient. The most innovative organizations are working toward scenarios based on  outcome-driven closed-loop collaboration and on stronger convergence of the different value chains on the patient. Integration and personalization of care are the major drivers of this convergence and have become the buzzwords not only in the European healthcare providers space, but also among national and private payers, and in the life science space. Delivering higher value to patients, doing it through more integrated and personalized requires a granular mastery of how patient information is created, collected, used and managed.

More specifically, it requires mastery of how this information impact on the relationships with patient and partners and on processes. Today’s healthcare leaders need to quickly identify areas of synergy with adjacent sectors and how to create new value. At the same time,  they need to understand better how innovation will impact their process and will translate in the more specific objectives of their organizations, whether it’s faster and accurate clinical trials, more performant medical devices, reduced rehospitalization, or effective health management of chronic disease population.

IDC Health Insights in Europe has a strong tradition in analyzing and predicting key trends in healthcare providers digital transformation.  Nevertheless, we thought that in an era of stronger convergence on patient value, to fully support healthcare executives and vendors serving this market, we need to broaden the horizon of our research to the life science sector and further specialize our traditional research on European healthcare providers and public health.  A couple of weeks ago we launched three brand new programs

  • European Value Based Healthcare Digital Transformation Strategies: looking at changes in healthcare business models and at how digital transformation can enable integration across settings, higher care clinical and patient experience outcomes and costs optimization.
  • European Digital Hospitals: looking into the evolution of the role of the hospital as center of excellence for high quality and personalized services within an integrated care ecosystem and at the role of digital technology in acute care delivery, inpatient experience and hospital operations optimization
  • European Life Science and Pharma looking into new paths aimed at leveraging a range of digital technologies to support efforts to improve the competitive edge of the industry in new outcome-based business models and better engage with the ultimate end user of life science innovations, namely patients.

With these three programs IDC Health Insights will be finally covering the whole health value chain from R&D to population health management in Europe. These three programs will be leveraging the in-depth knowledge of European healthcare systems developed, throughout the years, by  IDC Health Insights analysts, adding further value to the global research. As health digital transformation is essentially a journey of convergence, these programs will be tightly connected to each other. Some key themes as  for example patient experience, industry cloud, intelligent ecosystems, trust and security will be developed taking in consideration the different angles, but they will also bring to our readers an exact understanding of where are the opportunities for cross sector collaboration especially when it comes to health integration and personalization aspects. With this move IDC Health Insights is looking not only to expand its research coverage but also would like to open new inspirational perspectives to its subscribers. We look forward to this new adventure, and as always, if you want to reach out to learn more  about our services  please get in contact at please reach out to IDC Health Insights at