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Helena Schwenk
Research Manager, European Software

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Big Data just seems to keep getting bigger in all respects of the term. As people, businesses and things generate never-ending amounts of data. As we start 2017, many organizations are continuing their efforts to assimilate and make sense of this tidal wave. But this job is not in vain. IDC research indicates that the more mature an organization is in its use and exploitation of information, the more competitive its digital efforts are.

This reliance on timely and actionable information will be good news for big data and analytics enthusiasts as it shifts more focus and investment toward the technology and practices for unlocking value from data. Indeed, at its heart, Digital Transformation is about data. It’s data that provides the fuel by which companies can fundamentally change the way they engage with customers and markets; whether that’s a manufacturer using data for logistics optimization purposes, a bank looking at financial fraud detection or a pharmaceutical or healthcare companies delivering personalized treatment.

And let’s not forget how cognitive and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking the world by storm. Only last week Microsoft announced its acquisition of Maluuba, a Canadian deep learning startup. Meanwhile, we have seen a raft of other vendors announcing products, AI functionality and components as part of their enterprise software stacks. These are becoming the building blocks for apps that offer intelligent assistance, natural language conversations, advice, and recommendations to consumers and knowledge workers alike.

Similarly, IDC sees the Internet of Things is going to have massive implications for organizations in many industries, as a flood of data from sensors, smart cars, health wearables and many more new opportunities, for new products and services, and new business models.

So, having all this Big Data is great for companies, right? Well, it is, if you’re able to harness it effectively. In reality though, we find that many companies are struggling just to store it all, or perhaps more accurately, to decide what to store and what they don’t need to keep – and where to store it. This is forcing leading companies to rethink the connection between information and business, as they expand their view of analytic architectures to incorporate data lakes with both relational and non-relational elements.

IDC believes Big Data and Analytics is an important enabler of digital transformation. Moreover, we think IDC’s Big Data and Analytics conference in April 2017 is a great opportunity to learn more about this topic, and in particular to hear from IDC’s experts, network with peers and get updated on the latest technology innovations and solutions so you can clarify and validate your roadmap.

In anticipation of the Conference, and to give you some insights and facts about Big Data and Analytics, we are hosting a complimentary webcast this Thursday, 19th January 2017. Click below to find out about the webinar, or contact Helena or Philip Carnelley for more information.

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