Mirror Image: CEE and Latin America Show Lots of Similarities in Device Markets

SIMON BAKER (Program Director)
Latin and Slav, chalk and cheese? Quite the opposite actually when it comes to CEE and Latin America in phones, PCs and tablets — they’re more like peas in a pod.

This blog shows how the two regions, though far apart geographically, are close to each other in many ways in smartphones, PCs and tablets, as distinct middle markets with sometimes hesitant, sometimes troubled growth trajectories. (more…)

What’s Happening with Micro-Mobility in European Cities

MAX CLAPS (Research Director, IDC Government Insights)
Micro-mobility is changing how people move in European cities. It increases efficiency, environmental sustainability, and affordability of short trips. But there’s a long way to go to seamlessly integrate scooters, bikes, and mopeds in sustainable, affordable, and convenient city mobility ecosystems.


Facial Recognition in Europe – a Battle Between Privacy and Surveillance

JACK VERNON (Senior Research Analyst)
Police, security forces, and private landlords are increasingly using facial recognition across Western Europe for surveillance purposes. Facial recognition systems have been deployed by police in Berlin, Copenhagen, and several UK cities. Concern about the use of this technology by the public and private sector is growing dramatically, and legislators are now waking up to the ethical dilemmas the technology is creating. Those using facial recognition technology argue that the technology is helping to improve public safety at a lower cost. However, these perceived benefits need to be weighed up against the privacy concerns of the scrutinised public.


How SAP S/4HANA Migrations Are Driving an ERP Reset in Europe

THOMAS MEYER (Group Vice President)
PHILIP CARTER (Vice President)
To take their digital transformation strategies to scale, European organizations are now addressing the modernization of their core enterprise IT systems because business processes and customer experience are so dependent on them. SAP has triggered an acceleration of the discussion around ERP modernization by issuing a deadline of 2025 by which its customers will run out of support for ECC and will need to have migrated to S/4HANA.