COP25: The role of technology in Climate Change

Marta Munoz (Research Director)
I was honored to take part in the COP25 Sustainable Innovation Forum 2019, a COP25 official event that runs in parallel to the mainstream sessions. The goal was to discuss innovative ways for business leaders to incorporate sustainable development targets. How? Using a combination of tools, from financial mechanisms and risk assessment, to technology implementations and government policies.


Top 10 Mobile Predictions for the Beginning of a New Decade

marta pinto-idc
Marta Pinto (Research Manager, European Mobile Devices)
Mobile technology changed our lives for good in the past decade. Smartphones became the most successful consumer electronics of all times, and as they brought the internet to our hands, new services emerged. Over the past ten years, mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, smart home devices, etc.) have disrupted our lives, so as a new decade begins, what are the top predictions for 2020?