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IDC-Leverage Technology-Road to Recovery

The Role of Technology in Rebuilding European Business

IDC's vision of the "future enterprise" is an organization that is completely digitally transformed. Such an organization underpins business processes with technology, is fueled by innovation, and is platform-enabled and ecosystem-centric.

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Quantum Computing Revolution

Quantum: Towards the Next Computing Revolution

Quantum computing has a very good chance of becoming the next revolution in the computing world.

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Largest Ever DDoS Attack Shows the Value of Digital Trust

For companies receiving such attacks, gaining and retaining trust from customers, partners, and public opinion is of paramount importance to remain competitive.

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How Has COVID-19 Changed the Emerging Technologies landscape in Europe?

IDC recently held a webcast on emerging technologies and their role in enabling resilience during the COVID-19 period, paving the way toward the enterprise of the future.

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Why 5G Could be the Elevator for Cities in the Digital Age

55% of operators believe that government and city infrastructure show the most revenue potential for 5G. Do governments still feel the same?

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Technology for a Sustainable Organization: The Role of the C-Suite

Though digital technology is critical to sustainability, strategic imperatives must be translated into sustainability must-dos at the C and C-1 levels.

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