Are You Ready for Agile Learning at Work?

ANGELA SALMERON (Research Manager, European Future of Work)
The digital deadlock is affecting many organizations today, big and small, and across all industries. Vast amounts of technology investments are being poured into the engines of aggressive digital strategies — but are delivering little in the way of progress. In fact, many are “stuck in their journey.” What’s holding them back?


The New UX: How User Experience Is Reshaping Enterprise Applications

Alexandros Stratis
In the past couple of decades we have seen a huge transformation in the way we all experience and consume technology. The rise of social media, with the likes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram leading the way, has reshaped the way we interact with technology. The user experience has been transformed and the increasing sophistication of mobile technology has enabled us to carry that experience with us almost anywhere in the world. This is exactly the opposite of legacy enterprise applications. Today, technology and consumption of information is everywhere, in the palms of our hands.