26 Mar
Application services

Intelligent Application Services: Redefining the Market for the Digital Era

John O'Brien

John O’Brien
Research Director, European Intelligent Application Services
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Application services providers are under intense pressure to transform themselves to truly support rapid customer innovation at scale. They’re pressured by a lack of skills and capabilities in emerging hot areas like AI, automation, and IoT, and by their sprawling size and complexity, which are often barriers to getting innovation done at speed.

15 Mar

Moving Beyond Traditional Boundaries: Pharma Getting Closer to Patients

Nino Giguashvili
Senior Research Analyst, IDC Health Insights
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The European life sciences industry is looking at a promising year ahead, with very positive implications for growth in digital investments. In 2019, spending on digital technology is expected to grow in the majority of European life science organizations, even in those markets where expectations regarding general business prospects are relatively modest, as IDC’s recent pan-European survey of life sciences organizations shows.

14 Mar

Hottest Fintech Trends from Europe’s Largest FinTech Event

Martin Stiller
Senior Research Analyst, IDC Financial Insights
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I recently attended The Finovate Europe 2019 trade show, held in London, it provided a stage for 64 international fintech companies to showcase their new products, tools, and ideas in a seven-minute live demo to the 1,000+ attendees, with the aim of attracting bank customers and investors. In this blog, I have examined fintech trends and highlighted some IDC Financial Insights profiles some of the rising stars and emerging technologies.

13 Mar

Fold away the new screens, initial 5G is about 4G evolution

Simon Baker
Program Director, Mobile Phones, CEMA
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The launch of two high-profile folded screen smartphones at MWC — both on the 5G standard — has closely associated the new generation networks with a new breed of devices which will liven up a business in which smartphones have all come to look alike.